Best Daily Skin Care Practices

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Beauty, they say lies in the eyes of the beholder, but beautiful skin is a joy to every eye. Who can help but not be pleased at the sight of a glowing, well toned, wrinkle free skin? This is a desire of every person(man or woman) but one that is achieved by only a few. The truth is, wonderful skin is a result of great skin care and is achievable by everyone. Our skin does a lot of work aside covering our organs. It serves as the first line of defense against attacks by germs, it serves as protection against the elements, dust, and rain and when taken care of, it enhances our beauty. Your skin does a lot for you, please don't let it down.

Have you tried a lot of asking care tips without any success? Your search has come to an end. Some beauty tips on proper skin care will be discussed in the article, please follow along.

1. Scrub Less

Some people feel that they have to scrub as hard as possible to get the dirt off the skin. This is not true. A hard scrub does a lot of damage to the skin. A hard scrub does not mean better exfoliation, rather, the skin will become irritated. So that very hard sponge you have been using, throw it away. Replace with a softer sponge that will be gentle on your body and face.

2. Not Tepid, not Frigid

The temperature of your bath water can also affect the beauty of your skin. A lukewarm bath is miles better than either a tepid bath or a frigid bath. Either cold or hot bath water greatly stresses the skin. Please use none of them, warm water gets the work done.

Shorten Time Spent in Water

The longer you stay in water, the more stress you cause your skin. Long baths reduce the skins' ability to hold on to cholesterol and ceramide(the protein that gives you skin a smooth, silky feel).

3. Ditch The Bar Soaps

They are more affordable, they give a better feel after you have your bath. These are the argument for bar soaps, but bar soaps worsen dry skin with time and since they are alkaline based, they further irritate your skin. Use a gel, lotion or cream based cleanser instead.

4. Revisit Your Creams and Lotions

"It smells wonderfully well". Ironically what smells well to your nose doesn't treat your skin kindly. The more synthesized fragrance added to lotions or creams, the more the skin is sensitized. Some skins may not show this, but the effect is cumulative, felt over time. Some natural products like cocoa butter or Shea butter actually smell nice and are also gentle on the skin. Remember, if it smells nice, it most likely doesn't feel nice.

5. Sunscreen

Keep out of the sun as much as possible. Use a sunscreen. The effect of the sun on the skin is not a pleasant one.

Glowing, smooth, and beautiful skin is possible, just pay more attention to your skin care.

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